• St. Lucy - Eyes Healing Wallet card with Medal
  • St. Lucy - Eyes Healing Wallet card with Medal Back

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St. Lucy was an early Christian virgin and martyr, and is considered the patron saint of eyes. She is often depicted holding her eyes on a plate because of a popular story associated with St. Lucy that includes her having her eyes gouged out but her sight miraculously restored by God. 

A medal of this holy woman is embedded in this full-color laminated prayer card, which includes a prayer for healing. If you or a loved one suffer with loss of sight or other eye problems, invoke the intercession of St. Lucy for comfort and healing.

It’s compact-size allows it to fit perfectly into your wallet so you can bring it with you wherever you go.

Back of card:

St. Lucy I come to you, whom God rewarded with the gift of renewed eyesight to reward your virtue and faith, I ask for your intercession to our Lord Jesus, that He may heal and cure my ailment so that I may always see the beauty of God’s creation as clearly as I feel it in my heart. 

Please help me with my own special request: [mention here your petition]. Bless me and my loved ones. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.