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St. Dymphna was an Irish Princess who consecrated herself and her virginity to God. When her father tried to force her to marry him, she fled to Gheel, Belgium where she used her wealth to care for the poor and needy. Her father, however, found Dymphna and killed her, making her a martyr. She is now considered the patron saint of those suffering from mental illness or anxiety. Her feast day is May 15th.

Invoke this great saint’s intercession with this short book. This small collection of prayers comes in a beautifully illustrated booklet and contains a Novena to St. Dymphna, a Litany to St. Dymphna, as well as additional prayers and a brief biography of this holy woman. This booklet is perfect for those who seek solace and guidance in times of distress and is a powerful tool for those who wish to invoke the intercession of St Dymphna in their daily prayers.