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When Mary appeared to Saint Juan Diego in 1531, it was her radiant beauty that struck him and made him realize this was certainly someone special who had appeared to him. That very image of her became imprinted upon his tilma when he approached the bishop with the sign he requested and still appears today on the tilma at the pilgrimage site in Mexico.

Many have closely studied this image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the tilma and have noticed many remarkable things. First, the stars on the tilma are the exact constellations of December 12, 1531, when Juan Diego revealed the tilma to the bishop. The tilma itself also stays at a constant temperature, 98.6, which is the average temperature of a human body. Finally, upon zooming in on Mary's eyes, they noticed that there is the reflection of Juan Diego and the bishop in her pupils, flipped upside down as it would in normal human vision.

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