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As symbols of faith and devotion, patron saint medals are used to help the faithful connect to the saints and share a common faith in God. Express your trust in the saints' divine intervention through our collection of Catholic religious medallions. These beautifully-detailed pendants feature images of well-known saints such as Saint Patrick and Saint Jude. Keep one for your personal commitments, or share these with loved ones as thoughtful gifts.


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Celebrate one of the world's most beloved saints with a patron Saint Patrick medal. Elaborate designs are available in gold, sterling silver, and pewter.
From Saint Aaron to Saint Augustine, our collection of patron saint A medals features stunning pieces of Catholic jewelry for your everyday devotions.
Find a prayer in pendant form through our patron saint B and C medals. Seek the intercession of Saints Bernadette to Cosmo in this collection.
Devote some time to prayer for Saints Dennis, Eustachius, and many others through our collection of patron saints D and E medals.
Imbue your attire with blessings by wearing our patron saint F and G medals. Saints Florian, George, and many others are represented in this collection.
Protect your loved ones from physical harm with our patron Saint Christopher medals. The patron of athletes offers his aid through these gorgeous Catholic medals.
Express your trust in the archangel’s protection with our patron Saint Michael medals. Steel your faith with the blessings from these fine accessories.
Keep your friends and family safe with our patron Saint Florian medals. Invoke the intercession of the patron saint of firefighters through these lovely accessories.
Keep hope alive with the patron of lost causes through our patron Saint Jude medals. The saint’s encouraging presence bolsters faith and determination.
Choose from our My Saint Hero medals for your inspiration to take any task. Lead others to greatness with these fine tokens of encouragement.
Express your faith in elegance while being friendly to your budget with our inexpensive 14 karat gold medals.
Offer prayers to Saints Hannibal, Ignatius, and a wide assortment of other religious figures through our patron saint H and I medals.
Follow exemplars of the Catholic faith through our patron saint J medals. Saints Jude, James, and other luminaries are depicted on these lovely medals.
Deepen your experience of the Catholic faith with our inexpensive 1” oxidized medals. Let their beautiful designs inspire you to a richer life in God.
Brighten your faith with the vivid hues of our inexpensive oxidized picture medals. Each piece displays a lovely religious image in full color.
Fill your spirit with the divine inspiration of the saints with our patron saint K and L medals. Each meticulously-crafted medal is a thoughtful gift.
Let God's love shower upon you through the blessings of the saints by wearing our fine patron saint M medals.
Live each day with Catholic values in mind as you wear one of our patron saint N, O and P medals.
Exemplify the Catholic faith by donning our patron saint Q, R and S medals. Let the saints’ examples fill your heart with love and kindness.
Experience beauty through faithfulness with our patron saint T through Z medals. Each brilliantly-crafted medal features a loving image of a popular saint.
Decorate any piece of apparel you own with God's virtuous servants by adding one of our lovely patron saint pins.
Bolster your faith through these elegant nickel silver medals with chains. The medals feature stunningly-crafted images of popular religious figures.
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