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Statuary - Catholic Statues

Let the divine stand tall in your home or workplace with elegant Catholic statuary from our collection. These masterfully-crafted works of art beautify spaces as much as they inspire praise to the Lord. Bring the blessings of holy figures like the Virgin Mary, the Infant Jesus, and other saint statues into various areas of the house. Enjoy the serene grace evoked by these indoor and outdoor religious statues.

In both 3 1/2" and 2 & 1/2" tall sizes. Original Hand Crafted Fine Pewter Statues. Hand Cast in Genuine Pewter. Sizes of statues may vary slightly.
Keep the infant Jesus in your own with this collection of baby Jesus statues. Beautifully handmade and imported from Italy.
The Toscana Collection Resin Statues feature beautiful sculptures for any Catholic. Choose from our collection and display your beliefs in your living room or office.
Our American Chalk Composition Statues light up every room with their loving scenes and beautiful construction. Choose from a variety of designs.
The sturdy Polyresin Saint Statues from this collection are made to last for years. Choose from a variety of saints and show your devotion at home.
Our 32" Poly Resin Statues are hardwearing despite their fine appearance. Available in many designs, these statues suit every Catholic home.
Durable Indoor/Outdoor statuary featuring Grotto's, Bird Feeders and yard ornaments.
Quality Statues ~ Made in Tuscany 6 1/2 to 40"
From the Viareggio & Santini Collections. Beautiful and high quality statues in Resin, Plaster and Alabaster.
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