• Soccer Player's Prayer Laminated Prayer Card

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Invite God on to the field with you with A Soccer Player’s prayer. 

Sports, like soccer, provide us with a unique opportunity to grow in discipline and, in many ways, virtue. They can cultivate community and joy, and allow us to glorify God with our very bodies.

On the front of this full-color, laminated card depicts Christ looking over two young man playing soccer. On the back of the card is a prayer for soccer players asking God to help them on the field and off. 

Give this as a gift to your teammates or keep it with your equipment to pray before practice or the big game. 

Back of card:

Lord, thank you for the ability and energy You have trusted us with. Help us use our soccer skills to glorify You, for You are the Creator of all things and have entrusted us with these skills to do your will. Help us to train carefully and effectively. Help us to polish our skills and strive for perfection. Not all of us will be starters or even on the "A" team, yet we can contribute by being the best "B" team possible and working to develop our skills to a higher level. We know the "A" team needs the depth we provide. If we are on the "A" team, remind us to show our appreciation to they guys who don't get a lot of minutes but are there when we need them. Make it obvious to all how important the 12th through 18th guy on the roster is, and give them opportunities to show what they can do to move up the roster. Help us draw from Your power so that we can win and lose gracefully. Let our efforts at this game be an example and inspiration to our teammates, our opponents and anyone who sees us play. Help us be unselfish and to pass to maximize the odds of scoring. Help us get back to defend, and check back for the ball. Help our defenders work as a unit and put our opponents off sides. Let us not let the ball leak through. Help our goalie fly if necessary but not have too much action. We pray for our coaches who work to make us better and give us encouragement and criticism as needed. Help the referees be aware of the game and keep us under control while letting us play with enthusiasm and determination. We pray that the referees understand the rules and call the game fairly, and help us be patient with them if they don't. Give them good vision and a sense of justice. Protect us and our opponents from injury. Give our parents wisdom and strength as they encourage us from the sidelines so that they do not grow angry or frustrated. Help them see that their sacrifice and investment in our soccer careers is paying off as it completes our education and prepares us for life on and off the playing field. In Jesus' name. Amen.


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