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Why Buy Discount Catholic Products

Originally worn by Christian monks, the significance of scapulars have since then been spread throughout the laity. Our selection of Catholic scapulars includes brown scapulars, cloth scapulars and medal scapulars.

The graces and promises of the different scapulars are as wide-ranging as their colors: Brown scapulars promise that the wearer shall not suffer eternal fire, green scapulars inspire faith in the lukewarm and non-believer. 

Find the religious scapular necklace that best suits your needs and where you are on your faith journey. Choose from a purple St. Joseph scapular, a red passion scapular, or even a five-fold that contains 5 scapulars in one.

Our Catholic scapular medals are for those who have alergy to wool or live and work in an environment where it wouldn't be possible to keep a wool scapular in decent condition any amount of time.

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